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May 26, 2007


Thank you so much for the link and the kind words. I guess I'd better get back to work on Geeky Streak. Thanks for the kick in the keyboard!

Thanks for pointing out more good blogs!

Thank you, Mother Pie, for the "plug" and the link! I have enjoyed your site and the sights of NYC. I look forward to seeing what your move will bring...

I'm honored to be mentioned in your blog and most of all to be considered a friend. Although we've yet to meet I feel that it will happen and looking forward to it.
So glad Motherpie blog will continue. Have a safe trip. Welcome back to the west!

MotherPie is the first blog I have found worthy of my time. I hope you keep it up after the move!

What an honor to be mentioned in your post! Thank you for the sweet comments, and I look forward to visiting your other friends.

I have a personal blog of my own and the only thing I put on it so far was the address to Mothepie! Your Blog is the most interesting and up to date! I enjoy reading it and hope you continue to Blog, Blog, Blog!! Thanks for the info on other blogs that I can and will check out!!!

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