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May 20, 2007


I was at the museum the other day and I saw way too many "girls" from behind, that were not moms but grandmothers when they turned to show their faces. Those g-moms with low cut pants and shirts that left a little stomach showing. Hair perfectly colored. But guys are smart, we now look at necks, hands and feet. I have nothing against wrinkles, or liver spots, but put some clothes on for gosh sakes, I dont need to see your 30 year old stretch marks. As a man over 50, I want to look nice and not outdated, but I am not going to wear shorts where the crotch hangs down to my knees and put my baseball cap on backwards in hopes that I might fool people into thinking I am 20. Take your husbands shopping, they will not steer you wrong and if you look great to them and are happy yourself, who else matters?

Chico's is even selling their own version of Spanx now. Ouch!

This is such an astute comment: "Our culture's obsession with youth creates a very weird societal idea of fashion and an obscene idea of grace in style." I grew up in a town outside of Chicago which was a farming community of approximately 27,000 people in 1979. Now, it has 137,000 people, all of whom seem to be convinced that young and rich is the only way to live. The bigger the house, the bigger the bust, the bigger the diamond ring, is what is sought after. It makes me feel even more like a stranger in this land, because while I appreciate beautiful things, I do not base my existence on acquiring them.

As to fashion, I love the French style. I have a few Hermes scarves which I love to wear, I always wear Chanel red lipstick; to me, these things are beauty and style, not pouty, pink-frosted, glossy lips which (to me)look like a birthday cake.

We have Chico's right down at our Mall...maybe I'll check it out!
I'm sorry but I just love that pink hat in the first would be just right for my Red Hat Society meetings ;)

I have found the same issues. When our daughter got married last summer, I needed/wanted to find a special dress. One of the stores I went to had some nice things but the salesman kept giving me spaghetti strap tops and short skirts. I finally said "Mother of the Bride!" I am not the center of attention nor do I want to show everything old part of me to the rest of the world!

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