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May 19, 2007


Congratulations to all of you!

Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement.

Congratulations!! Such an inspiration. I'm very happy for you, and even, oddly, proud of you. Good job, all three of you!

W00t! Congratulations many times over! And to your kids, too!

I applaud outstanding achievement.

You must feel great! I feeled spurred on to achieve more myself because of you.

I am so happy for you, in the accomplishment and fulfillment of your dream! Hooray for Mother Pie (and her children)!

Kudos! Quite an accomplishment at any age, but with a move and two teenagers? I'm impressed.

Wonderful, MotherPie! You must feel elated. I feel elated for your sake! Getting a degree is hard enough when all you have to do is be a student, but being a mother and moving! Great job!

Congratulations. I always think it takes a lot of determination and guts to get a degree later in life, but you did it!

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