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May 08, 2007


Ain't anonymity grand?

I feel like I could have written this post (although not as well). I, too, am introverted and not as apt to reveal myself to one's face. It's easier for me to write, and I love the component which is not judgemental: you're not reading my blog because I'm rich or beautiful or powerful or anything but what I show my heart to be.

One of the things you wrote in a post about mothering that I've thought about a lot had to do with not revealing everything about our children once they're older. I agree. Even though we're anonymous, there is a degree of privacy it's appropriate to uphold.

I am always intrigued when I visit you, see what you're thinking, what current issue you've posted on. Unlike me, you live much more in the world than within your self.

Finally, I am enjoying the Wild Woman book. I thought it would be more stories, and less explanation, but it is a very provocative book and very applicable, even to the somewhat reserved females I know.

I love all the reasons, the differences and the similarities.

Wow. What a snapshot of our times. Thanks, MotherPie!

Am enjoying reading the results of your study. My fairly recent entry into the blogosphere, then blogging, has had me wrestling with many of these issues. I find the whole experience quite disarming; then found the horse got out of the barn door before I could get it closed.

I think the blogging trends are happening so fast that we are living them before we even understand what is happening and how it is changing us. I found these answers terrifically interesting, especially ones where our language is even changing. "Talking" online, "being the same" but how can we be the same without our physical bodies?

We all have different personalities, in person and online...

Bellazza, you always are reading good books, too. In fact, we were both reading the same award-winning book and couldn't get through it. I never finished it. I don't even remember what it was...

In the virtual world, I'm often confused with Russell Crowe and Antonio Banderas when it comes to physical appearance ..... with F. Scott Fitzgeral or Edward Hoagland when it comes to writing .....

In the actual world, there is no such confusion on the part of those who see me or read my writings (sigh)

Mother Pie, I think it was Inheritance of Loss. BORING! I just could not get into that one, even though it won the Booker Prize, and there's not much better in life than a book. Even if it hasn't won a prize. I'm glad we share a love of reading. I like when you respond to my comments left on one of your posts.

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