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May 17, 2007


Hi! Read it. Gotta go. Bye...back soon!

Yes, it is hard to comment, especially if the writer is especially thought provoking and whose work is lengthy. There are a few bloggers I read that I find I re-read. And they are prolific, so sometimes it is hard to "keep up"!

Like tut-tut, I have to take time to digest a lot of the writings, but what fun to have waded out into the blogging waters! Life moves so fast it is important to let others know we are there. Make new friends but keep the old...

Read it! It would be cool someday to meet the people who've commented on my blog, as I'm fortunate to attract thoughtful responses. The strangest is the people that I don't know read my blog. There have been several times when I've been at a party or gathering and met people who say they already read my blog. Welcome to the new millenium!
Have a wonderful graduation and smooth move!

You know I'm reading, every day. Comments can be like a double edged sword. You love to get them but should reply and that takes time and often can't respond with email because the commented won't share that info.
I prefer to email my reply to the comment directly to the poster.If I don't have the email the person it's generally just someone passing through and will never be back to read my reply anyway, so I don't.

I, too, have been insanely busy. I wanted to make a profound comment on your post above, but I'm still mulling it over. I am particularly interested in the part which suggests the more revelatory we are the more connections can be made to us. It's hard to know how much to reveal and how much to keep private. All the same, I enjoy your blog so very much: you truly make me think and examine what I have learned (and continue to learn!).

p.s. I received a criticism that my blog was too bland visually, that I should invest in a template which "reflects" my personality. However, I really like simplicity. I am more inclined to read a blog which is visually clear and well written than one full of colors and chaos.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I am so happy for you and the move! Congrats!! I have alerted everyone I know to check you out online!!!

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