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May 16, 2007


Why do we make such a big deal over royalty? Are they just a curiosity here in the US? Most of them are a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal because of the way they are raised, or because of the limited gene pool from which they derive. "Organic" food is a misnomer anyway. We can't eat inorganic food -- it's toxic. The label "organic" is usually more a marketing ploy than actual production practice. I read the article some months ago in National Geographic about his farming practices. If that was the way we farmed throughout the world, we could cut the population in half through starvation.

I guess anything we grow is "organic" but the term refers to being free of pesticides and in animals, hormones and antibiotics. I am not familiar with the Prince's food production, but when you have raised cattle on a farm, where they eat grass from pastures that have never been sprayed, they are not innoculated with antibiotics, and they are not artificially enhanced by steroid growth, it is completely different from others who participate in the practice. So there are some differences out there and the farmers and ranchers who make the effort to do it differently, always enjoy the people who know the difference. As for the biscuits, nevert had any of his.

Thank you. I learn so much here.

I'd rather call them cookies, myself...a biscuit is only good with sausage thickening gravy or maybe butter and homemade strawberry preserves :)

Nobody should be criticized for talking to vegetables (or flowers, too). Who's to say it doesn't work? Personally, I think they like it.

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