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May 15, 2007


Close to the beginning here, you mention an "attention economy." Can you explain?

Maybe blogging is a way to preserve sanity in a world of confused gender roles. Maybe it's a way to feel a sense of contribution to the greater good -- beyond the construct of boundaries imposed by holding multiple roles as mother and co-bread-winner. Maybe it is just a way to vent from that suppressed ego that arises from the conflicted reality within which she finds herself bound. But again, what does my male mind know -- I'm just a linear thinker.

Tut-tut --- I have a post coming up on Theories of Attention and Engagement as part of this study -- it comes up on the 18th. It is very interesting. I could write a lot on this subject of attention -- from multi-tasking and attention spans to the economy of attention (think about how Paris Hilton has risen to stardom only by her ability to capture attention and now a coterie of starlets in NYC hope to follow in her footsteps...).

Do you think they'll follow her right to jail???


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