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May 07, 2007


There is great danger in allowing our children to escape reality and withdraw into a virtual world. It is the same danger we see with video games and television. Our children need to be prepared for life -- not taught escapism.

My kids are Webkinz members. They are no longer available locally; DON'T let them know more can be bought online! One each is enough. The social networking thing seems OK with me, since they can only communicate with kids they got an ID for offline (at school), and all the messsages are pre-typed. Also, my kids are old enought to have their own email accounts for real communicating. One spends her computer time playing games, the other decorates her room, but they do spend time doing other things besides Webkinz, and their computer time is limited to a half-hour a day each.

When they are old enough to require their own computers for schoolwork, I will have to rethink the whole schedule.

My class is insane for these things. That's all they girls "play" after school, if there is such a thing.

I just learned about these yesterday as my granddaughter now has one. I'm not very keen on the idea and hope she doesn't get caught up in all of it. All it takes is for one friend whose parents let the child go crazy with these things, and everybody else seems to fold lest their child be out of the mainstream. Don't people realize this is just a glorified commercial venture for the people who sell them? You can analyze just about anything and point to redeeming qualities about them and all these wonderful educational benefits. It's all about money, in somebody else's pocket. Gee, I sound like the Grinch who stole Christmas. ;-)
Now what do I have to do to buy another one for my granddaughter if she wants one?

There is a game I just learned of from another blogger, called Virtual Villagers and there is a virtual mommy track.

Go read her post about it.

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