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June 30, 2007


Incredible clip! How on earth was it taken? Will this get him elected? ;)

Well...this should bring us all back down to earth...I worked for 21 years at a Cancer Treatment Center giving chemotherapy. One day I was walking into to work and chatting with one of my patients. I just was having a bad hair of those humid, Texas hair days. I made some thoughtless remark about having a bad hair day and my patient/friend said..."well, at least you have hair." End of story.

I agree hair matters. Although, John's hair looked fine to begin with if you ask me. Someone should tell him that chicks don't mind your hair looking a little windswept.

I remember the days when most men were much more casual about their hair. That's changed and I think TV is the reason, though think he is preparing for a TV appearance and the camera and critics can be harsh. He does seem to be a bit particular though, I must admit.

Reminds me of an experience at a TV station years ago when an older incumbent state senator was getting ready for a live TV appearance. His wife privately sweetly informed me that it was best for his psychological preparation for this appearance if he had a nice attractive young girl to apply his makeup and coif his hair.
Too bad, we had a guy that took care of makeup.

Some of us don't have a lot to worry about. So, my question is, does no hair matter?

It must matter. It's the only way to explain the decades long on-going battle over it between parents and their teen children. I vow to avoid it, to not care.... but we'll see. He's only three.

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