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June 30, 2007


I like your thoughts and descriptive "pull" system idea. With all this information so dispersed and much of it of the mediocre or lesser quality you describe, I sometimes wonder just how informed everyone really is.

Sure the information is there, but the secret is knowing where and how to look. I think there are a whole lot of people who don't know either, or don't care, in this celebrity worship, sensationalistic culture which surrounds me.

I use Wikipedia quite a bit and like what it brings to the table and it's intended use. I for one would hate to see stringent guide lines applied. When we use it as a source we need to keep in mind the validity of what's written, users citing from this source need to be sure recognize that they obtained the information from Wikipedia, so readers can beware. Why fix what ain't broke.

I think the internet in general is full of crap! You are absolutely right, it will continue to be so if we don't have gate keepers, unfortunately it is the nature of the beast, and not likely to change any time soon.

I'm not sure people are so fond of amateurish things. I use wikipedia a lot, but mainly because it's free.

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