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July 09, 2007


I immediately reject the statement: "Journalists strive to be "objective" by giving "both sides" and creating "balance" in presenting the debate."

I have difficulty accepting that on any level. Of course, my personal predjudices shape my reaction to that statement -- perhaps even on the same level that their predjudices shape their coverage in the first place. News coverage is inherently NOT fair and balanced because those that cover it for the most part, are products of an academic system that has lost its way morally and philosophically.

I find myself wailing after reading this; thank you for all the links. It seems impossible to make sense of anything, if we are all stonewalled at every turning and there are fewer and fewer journalists interested in uncovering and keeping alive the truth, whatever that may be.

I am very interested in the expat bloggers in France, who often bring a very interesting slant on political issues from the press they read there.

Motherpie, let me start by thanking you for your visit and comment at Politics Plus.

As a blogger, I think we play a powerful role in the dissemination of factual information. Folks could argue for days on the why, but the mainstream media fell flat on their faces in the run-up to Bush's war for oil and conquest in Iraq. For years after 9/11 the MSM was Bush's obedient lap dog, and even today they have a decidedly conservative bent. On Iraq, the online community began to educate the public first, and the MSM followed our lead only when to do otherwise would have put them out of touch with their audiences.

Interesting. And frightening. It will take me some time to follow through on all the links.

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