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July 26, 2007


Whatever our views are of the war, the brave men and women who fought and are now maimed are the ones worthy of attention. I am so tired of hearing about pseudo-celebs and their DUIs and rehab "treatment" while the talking heads try to figure out why these young, pampered, overpaid individuals behave this way. Leave that to the therapists, and let's have some primetime news heralding the advances in medical technology. Let's keep our veterans and their treatment forefront so they don't have to wait months for a claim to be approved. That is a true atrocity. Maybe if the mainstream news would see the value of scientific and medical advances and flood our tv images with that, our children might aspire to become the next generation of problem solvers and medical practitioners who truly do make a difference in society. Sorry about the mini-soap box, I just wish more people valued those who actually contribute to society instead of beautiful people who seem to only occupy headlines and space.

Allison - I completely agree! The VA hospitals around our nation are actually probably substandard. What a tragedy for our military personnel! They should have the finest - not the leftovers! As to those headline-seeking, selfish, pampered neophytes - just let the media have them!

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