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July 24, 2007


I once saw lace making being done 'live' as it were, on holiday in Belgium - just incredible stuff. Hope all the plans go smoothly.
p.s. Whitterer is my main blog but Alien is my other [less frequent] blog.
Best wishes

nice post..I saw the handmade ones in Italy on a island...beautiful!..thanks for visitin my site! :)

I am currently in Normandy and was thinking of going to Alençon, one of the well-known places for lace. The thing is, lace does get yellow, it's difficult to keep in good shape. So I guess it's just a thing of the past. :(

When I got married, a feisty wonderful woman who lived across the street from my mother gave me a present of a set of lace trimmed linen napkins that had been her mother's - never used, still in the box from the 1930s. I've never used them, but oh I treasure them.

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