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July 21, 2007


Wow. Is today the day? CONGRATULATIONS!!!

You. will. do. fine! The whole ceremony will be very surreal. It is such a magical time, once you get past all the planning and finally get to the aisle. Just be sure to enjoy, and try to see it all through any tears!

You may not have heard this story about your 58 year old sister-in-law...but it ties in with walk. down. the. aisle. When I was but 3 years old and was the flower girl at my aunt and uncle's wedding, I was dressed in my little outfit and had my basket of posies and the time came to walk down the aisle. All alone. I was only 3. There were tons of people in the church and mother was a bridesmaid and already down there. So my other grandmother, not the mother of the groom, started with me on the back pew and urged me to come on, then the next pew and the next and finally I started on down the long aisle, looking back over my shoulder at meemaw all the way...slowly, I went, hesitatingly, I went, but I WENT finally all the way to the altar. I was a shy child, HA!, what happened to that person ! My grandmother laughingly said she was afraid she might have to go all the way down with me! So just think of Meemaw when you start down that aisle, and her urging you to go on and walk. down. the. aisle. I wish she were here to enjoy it with us.

No, the wedding is not for some time yet is what is dominating our lives. at. the. moment.

I. Have. Talked. To. My. Kids. Like. That.
Thanks for the laugh!

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