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July 10, 2007


For me, there are few things more frightening than a populace who takes things in without questioning. When I teach my college students about Bloom's Taxonomy, I tell them that critical thinking or higher order thinking skills are essential for the foundations of a democracy. We cannot believe everything we are spoon fed by the media, and we must resist the "dumbing down" of America. Speak up, think, criticize, and create! God gave us a brain to use, and it's our right and responsibility to do just that.

Karen Hughes is unequalled -- one very talented lady. Part of what made her so effective in her roles with GWB is that she understood his thought processes and what truly resonated in his voice. She is a true artist.

Such a valuable and insightful post; we sort of know some of this intuitively, but expressed as you do with examples makes me even more upset that there seems no mainstream press representing us anymore (or did it ever?).

I think I might feel a little depressed now!
Best wishes

Very well said. Full points here.

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