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July 19, 2007


A long way from a Park Avenue penthouse and dining out every night.

Who says those were the "good old days"? Give me microwaves and take out! (That I can enjoy with my family around me.)

I hardly ever cook, but I do have an apron. ;)

Yep, have an apron somewheres, in fact more than one likely. My life is not so far different than than photo.

I have an apron. It is clean and folded. It lives in a little drawer in the kitchen. Or at least is was when I put it there a couple of decades ago!

Now you know what my kitchen looked like before the remodel. Well, sort of. Just twenty years later.

How lucky to have your children home! That is an enormous blessing.

I have an apron and I actually use mine fairly often. I remember my grandmother having one she used everyday but she had one that was really lacy and filmy that she used on holidays or special occasions. In her day - you wore the apron to the table and we always dressed up for our holiday dinners! Why - I don't really know - maybe it was so we could wear the new clothes we got!

Thank you for the post. It does bring back special memories! :)

Wait a minute. We do all that stuff today. Well, except for canning. We just freeze the stuff. And there's the Mangle. It's really hard work around here. Maybe.

You know, until you mentioned aprons, I forgot that every night, without fail, my mother donned an apron before making dinner. It would never occur to me to wear one. Are aprons truly a thing of the past?

aprons are alive and well, in fact, enjoying a huge comeback...wait to you see them at

personally, have always like having them around, being a feminist with apron!

Weeell, I plan meals every day AND I wear an apron to cook them; why ruin your clothes? (plus I've been known to pickle and make jam, too)

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