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August 11, 2007


The day I got married, my mother gave me a beautiful hand-embroidered handkerchief with her initials on it, which I also carried tucked away, as her mother had done for her on her wedding day. It is a such a lovely, personal gesture - I didn't know it was a widely-held tradition. I wonder what the roots of it are?
I will be thinking of you and your daughter on such a special day and hope that it is an occasion of great joy for your family.

I didn't cry when I got married because I was so happy! But these days, I find myself shedding a tear about almost everything. ;)
I'm sending you my best best wishes and please extend them to your husband and the bride and bridegroom. This is indeed a wonderful day.

I didn't cry at my wedding, but a few tears slipped out at my daughter's. Tears of joy for her new life, but a little sadness that she was moving out of my house and on to her own. What a potpourri of emotions. But as the scripture says, "the greatest of these is LOVE". May joy and love abound for your family on this blessed day!

Best wishes today for a lovely wedding.

Tears can be of joy, too. Congratulations to all.

Oh wow -- congratulations! Hope it was a wonderful, wonderful day.

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