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August 17, 2007


Have a great break. Hope to see you back after you've relaxed.

Hope your back soon.

I hope you don't let the reins slack too long! I really get a lot from reading your analyses, ruminations, ponderings. Your research and links have helped me to gain insight into many issues.

Whatever direction life takes, you always have an interesting perspective to share! You are a daily read for me and it's reassuring to know other moms are going through so many of the same issues. Rest, refresh, and don't stay away too long.

Sorry to hear it, but I get it completely -- sometimes you just need a little bit of time away from your online space.

Enjoy and hope you come back reinvigorated!

After summer I was always ready to go back to school. After baseball, i was always ready to put the football pads back on. After most vacations, I like walking back in my door to my routines. Take a breather, and do what makes you happy. But, I think you are a brilliant, thought invoking person who puts just a little twist on things that we all know. But I appreciate your angle on things. I think you are a good writer! And surely a good mother (pie). Cheers.

Have a great break!!!! I shall miss you! I do understand -- writing every day can become a chore instead of an avocation! I do hope you stop and visit a bit during your hiatus!

You ARE coming back sometime, aren't you?

I've so enjoyed your blog - your thoughts and insights. I really hate that you are taking a break.

Bon Voyage.

You're a beaut. Be sure to email me (us) when you come back. Please....Pretty please.

Everyone needs down time! Enjoy yours - you've certainly earned it! :)

Take a well deserved break! But do come back, either on this blog or on a brand new one!
I'll miss you!

Ooo good for you - hope you manage to recharge the batteries.
Best wishes

I took over a month so I feel ya. Good luck Hope all is well.

Interesting. You never do know where your heart will take you. I'd like to hear how you feel after your break.

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