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August 14, 2007


Sweet motherpie...I still love you ! Bask in the joy of the gorgeous event of last weekend and know your daughter will have a wonderful husband and life. And, know that the baby of the family, is so family oriented, she will never be far from you. And, that you are close to your extended family, and we will share lots of moments of joy with you. And, your young male off- spring will be just minutes from home! The love and closeness of family is a two edged brings you joy in the moment and melancholy when you are parted. Your sadness and lonesomeness is equal to your love. You have tons of it! These are the passages of life...embrace them and know there is joy ahead. And, oh! Did I forget to mention your husband...lucky lady ! Remember your past posts about we give our children roots and wings...these are the wing days. Much love comin' your way from 50 miles south.

This nest is empty, but little birds have to leave their nest for their own. That's even what we are bringing them up for ;)
And it's so sweet when they come visiting!

Good words!!!! I remember when my daughter left for college. I promised myself I wouldn't cry until I got in the car for the drive home.

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