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August 02, 2007


So true. I have an old Pentax that hasn't been out of my closet for a while. A friend and I were talking about Sylvannia the other day. If you remember - they made the blue cubes that were the flash on old cameras!

Just a funny bit of trivia - one of the communities we used to live in had a floral shop that would decorate 6-8 Christmas trees every year with unique items. One year they had one that used old cameras and photography paraphanelia. They also did one with ladies shoes and one with old eyeglasses. Interesting to say the least!

street photography in new york city is facing a shift. here's the site for new organization that tried to pressue local office of film to revise guidelines that would surprisingly impact on everyone with a camera--

Naomi, thanks for the information -- I had received it also via the student email alerts. Here is the NYTimes article: I have been following this issue and dug deep wondering if it is a harbinger for tighter rules on public photography in general. The loose rules mean that they can be applied willy-nilly and tourists in line at major attractions are not exempt as the rules not read...
Some are concerned about the watchdog ability to capture public protests...

There is a sweet piece in the New Yorker this week, about a film found in the trash, which turned out to be a wedding movie from the early 60s.

Your musing on film vs. digital, color vs. b/w reminded me of it.

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