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August 12, 2007


"Love is magical." Surely it must be, and it's hard sometimes, to know if one should follow one's heart or one's mind.

Love is unpredictable. When I wasn't looking, or expecting to fall in love or marry, that's when it happened. And because of that, my life took a different path than I ever thought it would. Life is unpredictable, just like love. Thank God there is love in life!

With my history with relationships, I really can't comment but I do envy those who find the right partner.

I rather feel like Kay Dennison above...with my history with relationships, I shouldn't comment. BUT...maybe those of us with a history, are those who SHOULD comment. I think it is a little like the argument of nature vs. nurture on raising adopted and biological kids. There is definitely that first sight attraction deal that gets us interested, but as I aged, I found myself less likely to be sucked in by looks and more by personality and inner strengths. I think that across the room thing that gets your attention is genetic. That's the hook...but then they must have the values that are on one's internal checklist and not possess those traits one considers deal breakers. And, even as I age, I still marvel at the complexity of love, and still makes the world go 'round. It is luck. It is being blessed. It is hard work. It is worth it. But is.

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