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August 01, 2007


It's amazing what Congress can't do when it really tries.

Mining law reform efforts are underway. The House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rahall, and Subcomittee Chair Costa have a bill to update this woefully antiquated law. Call your member of congress and ask them to support the effort to reform hardrock mining policy.

I guess you were aware that there was a giant mudslide in this tiny mining village of Red River. It was measured at 5 feet deep across the road through town that it closed and actually temporarily dammed up the red river itself. Wonder if it had anything o do with the lack of any vegetation to hold the soil steady?

What were you driving and what was it made from????

Interested in using your MolyCorp photo to help us in our effort to oppose a similar mining proposal in Crested Butte, Colorado. Would you please e-mail me if it would be okay to use your image. We can credit anyone you would like. See our website for more info

Thanks, Dan, for asking to use the photo. Yes, you can, just put a link back to this post for the photo credit.

Good luck. We all need to pay attention to these mining issues.

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