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September 11, 2007


I don't know how much you'd pay for a plot at Père Lachaise, but I bet you it's quite a lot too. Talk about life planners: I've seen quite a few monuments where one of the loved ones is gone and the remaining one has already had his/her birth date engraved. All the children will have to do is have the date of the death done.
I love walking in cemeteries

My Mom never bought a plot in the cemetery that has a beautiful view, where her mother and father and older relatives were buried. I was so happy to find one for her, a space no one snatched up, so close to her mother.

I have no plans; I wonder if I should? Greer Garson is there; wasn't she English?

My family has a section in a cemetery in my hometown. I think they even have a plot purchased for me! I don't really want to be buried, though. I'd donate myself I think.

We love to walk through old cemeteries, too. There is an unmarked one at Lake Texoma that we came across years ago. It had markers back to the mid-1800s. Not exactly prime real estate, in fact, it appeared to have been completely forgotten. How sad. Just stick me in an urn, since I won't be there anyway! :)

For that Price if I had someone buried there a long time ago (no disrespect) I might consider digging them and moving them some where cheap and selling my spot with a view.

In the hills of Arkanssas where Hillbilly Willy livesit is a great Life but we might be tempted to drop them off beside the great Arkansas River and let them float down stream for a while.

Just joking!

10-4 Willy

I will betcha I can die, get all fixed up, cremated and spread out for a LOT LESS than that. Don't those people know that burned bodies can be put just about anywhere?

Hoss... dead bodies can't be put anywhere. In this Dallas cemetery,get this, no dead bodies of pets are allowed. Only DEAD HUMANS. So you can't stick Fido's ashes in that casket with you.

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