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September 25, 2007


This event is so spectacular and incomparable. I was at the first one when it was launched from the Fair grounds. To view the balloons from the foothills in ABQ is breathtaking. Nothing says fall in the Duke city more than the Fiesta, at least for me!

That is an incredible photo! I'd love to be able to see it in larger size! Balloons are just so... poetic!

There's a man in a nearby town that has a hot air balloon for hire.
I've been wanting to do this as a surprise gift for my Hubby.

Great photo!

As I read your wonderful blog, I was vivdly reminded of the comment one of my passengers made as we lifted off the field during the Saturday morning mass ascension in the late 1990's,"The only thing that could possible equal this is sitting in the Parthenon at sunrise"! She said that as tears coursed down her cheeks. It truly is breath-taking and spectacular. s/RAM

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