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September 10, 2007


Also, your sister-in-laws mother would give them her Neimans "charge a plate", as we called it back then, a let us go to Neimans to pick out our Easter dresses. One Easter, we went at separate times. One of us lived at home; one lived at college in the sorority house. We showed up for Easter Brunch in the same dress! The shop in the Ft. Worth store for Jrs. was called the Nonesuch. It wasn't as outrageously expensive as it is now. Or we wouldn't have been able to shop there ! I even still have my credit card # memorized...God the things we remember! Of course, I can't remember what shift to work at the ER some days or if I've taken my vitamins today !!!...oh well...GREAT MEMORIES of a fun time in my life. For a while my hairdresser, who jumped around all over Ft. Worth, worked at Neimans Beauty Salon. Well! weren't we stylin' when we went our hair done! Neimans...a Texas institution.

So would you slap my wrists if I admitted that I've never darkened their doors! Probably just as well for both parties.

I've never been to Neiman's but there is one in Atlanta that L is pawing the pavement to get to.

I did buy something from them online, and now I get two e-mails a day from them, promoting this or that . . .

We see a lot of that stuff at Value Village, a resale store. Don't know that it makes us any more heavy-headed, though.

I received a huge, glossy magazine from Neiman's advertising their first 100 years. I found it fairly presumptious that they assume there will be another 100. Not to mention, they seem nothing more than an icon to superficiality and materialism. From one who loves beautiful things, I was truly annoyed at the lack of meaning I found in anything within its pages. I guess the beautiful things I love are more in the world, or at least down to earth.

A friend of mine, a fellow grad student, bought my baby a silver cup from Kate Spade at Neiman Marcus. My mother, a woman of some wealth and refinement, was absolutely horrified at the expense. She kept saying she couldn't even afford to step in the door! Also, she call is "Neiman and Marcus."

I've lived in Dallas for 26 years and in that time I think I've bought two, maybe three things there. I never see anything there I want at any price. I don't know who buys that stuff. NM seems to sum up the culture of Dallas.

Although my intent to write this was on the influence of Stanley Marcus and the institution of Neimans on Dallas and fashion outside of the East, I find it very interesting that my online friends share my same attitude about what the store is today. I think my readers - and me - are more down-to-earth and more sensible about spending. Dallas was formed by this store as Antique Mommy captured in her comment above.

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