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September 15, 2007


How fun! Since I don't have a blog, just read them, I am only 35% addicted. 100% to MP, however! While I am writing this we are watching college football on t.v., and taking a few minute break from reading my book.

I SHOULD be organizing or cleaning ... but blogging is more, umm, fun.

I'm shameful. 85%. I should be doing anything BUT blogging, evidentally.

Darn. I'm 70% addicted. I should go clean my house.

Im fairly new to blogging, but i can see my percentage rising daily!!!!

I will be honest. I just read a blog -- I forget which one -- that said she was taking a break from blogging -- as blogging was beginning to become her reality, and stopping her from living. OH dear. I don't want it to get to th at. Blogging is addictive. So, I've decided to set myself up on a schedule. No more blogging, checking, reading and writing on whims -- it will be a regular scheduled increments. And, guess what. It's been pretty tough going trying to keep myself from "just having a little check." Now on day 2 -- we'll see how I stick to it.

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