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September 27, 2007


Love this post! Always wondered about the origin of xoxoxo!

Claude - I commented on your English blog...Blogging in Paris, x is for kisses and o is for hugs. I would have commented on your French blog you can link to on your name, above, on the LOVELY dessert pic, but my French is a wee bit rusty!

Speaking of love, go love Claude's photos. She has probably 15,000 on Flickr now and posts great ones on her site.

I had a friend in college who would not say she loved any"thing" (e.g. pizza, chocolate, etc.), only people. Made me think about how we express our love. I'll admit I "love" mexican food and a variety of other things, but I don't tell people I love them, unless I mean it. And I want my family to hear it from me, in one form or another, on a daily basis. I don't want to have any regrets in that area. So whatever the means of communication, we moms want to get that sentiment across - loud & clear!

I'm thinking of an old friend of mine who would go to parties, get smashed, and declare, "I love everybody!"
I tend not to tell people I love them. Probably wrong of me. But I think I'm a little shy about saying it sometimes, except to the cat!

My daughter loves the love message from some movie..."I love you somethin' awful!". I like "love you to the moon and back." Then improvise by adding different planets, and when that isn't enough love, adding..."times 37!". I love, LOVE. I love my family and my extended family and MY DOGS! And all dogs! And my best friend, Kathy! And mountains and fall ! And motherpie! xxoo

Love makes the world go around.
When I talk to my boys on the phone, we always say I love you when saying goodbye.
Once in awhile One of us is in a rush and I'll say, ok see you later and they'll say ok-love you!

We were reminded in Parent Ed today to always tell your teens you love them. Even if you think they know it, they need to hear it. It's the same with anyone.
My kids both text, but only my daughter checks her email. I tell them I love them whichever way I can.

I fear that texting is in my future...but I don't look forward to it.

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