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September 23, 2007


I was a very lonely child and had imaginary friends, but they would change often as they were the heroes of the books I read. I had forgotten about this. Thanks for reminding me.

My brother had one, Jonsie. Jonsie made all the mistakes. And he had a special plate at dinner.

Sean has an imaginary girlfriend named Cindy who lives on his farm in Canada. He takes the train and goes to visit her frequently. I think Cindy and the farm in Canada must be cobbled together from snippets from the hundreds of books we read because we've never been to Canada and don't know anyone named Cindy. Sometimes he talks about Cindy a lot and then goes for a long time without mentioning her. I wonder if imaginary friends have anything to do with birth order or being an only child or just being overly bright (yeah, overly bright -- I know I'm his mother.)

Um, that last sentence doesn't read as I intended proving that not overly bright people can bear overly bright children.

I didn't think they were imaginary but now I can't say for sure. ;)

I really like my stuffed animals. They all had names and "were there for me"

My imaginary friend was a boy named Spin. I never told anyone about him, and his main function was to listen to my inner dialogue. Now that my nephew has the same stream of dialogue, but he doesn't keep it inside, I am thankful I had someone invisible to listen to me. Otherwise, I'd have driven my family insane!

I never had an imaginary friend, and so far neither has my daughter. She does, however, keep my mother and her two twin cousins with her at all times. One time I tried to sit next to her in a restaurant and was informed I was sitting on Grandma.
Her gymnastics teacher told me about a little girl who thought of herself as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and had an imaginary Toto with her. Toto had to be spotted during all cartwheels and back flips.

I'm sure it's less. Who needs an imagination when you have TV?

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