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September 17, 2007


I think they are beautiful works of art.

Haven't been to an art gallery in years. A very good friend of mind just bought a gallery in denver anxious to visit her soon.

Amazing. So lifelike it is startling. So un-airbrushed and 'imperfect', like real people!


Hmm. I am a little put off by Mueck's work. But you are right that he is on to something. It makes me nervous, somehow, to imagine a museum crowd looking at this work.
What do you think of Francis Bacon or Lucien Freud, or those plasticized and colorized corpses? Or Bansky?

Wow! What talent! I'm off to check out his slide show. Thanks for sharing!

Those are amazing and very different. Thanks for sharing!

Hattie, I love Lucien Freud's work -- or at least the ones I've seen. His portrait of Queen Elizabeth is my favorite portrait of her.

On the bodies -- I came across the next exhibit of them this morning while doing research. The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose is opening the BodyWorlds2 exhibit September 27. Two of my children - but not me - saw this fascinating exhibit of real human bodies preserved by Plastination when it was in NYC when we lived there. I'm sorry I missed it and now live between the two coasts. It is eery real, too.

I went to college with a guy who wanted to become an obstetrician because, as he put it, "There is nothing so beautiful as a pregnant woman." Your artist would seem to be of the same ilk.

I came over from Kathleen's Open Window because I saw your comment about Santa Fe. I was raised in Santa Fe and lived there through High School. I left in 1954 and moved to Albuquerque and then left NM in 1060. We go back quite often.

As a figurative painter, I appreciate his skill. I'm not sure I think they are beautiful. I am sure he is not Vermeer's equal. Vermeer has no equal.

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