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September 20, 2007


I have a close friend who brought up the fact that if Hillary got elected, we would be up to a total of 24 consecutive years of either Bush's or Clinton's as Presidents. Personally ,I would vote for Bill and let my daughters work for him as interns before I would vote for Hillary. Neither, would be just perfect. No Bush's either! The amount of money wasted on campaigns lends to the fact that the biggest money machines raise and spend more money, and those that spend win, and those that win owe a lot to those that gave them the money.

Love the coronation pic! And if Sally Fields is right and we elect Hillary as president, then there will be no more G**D** wars! Now all Sally has to do is convince the countries who still treat women as chattel of that, and all will be shangri-la ti da.

You make important points about Hillary's media savvy. Look at the mugs on the guys she's running against! Except for Obama, they are not in her league at all.

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