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September 14, 2007


Do you think the unique, the handmade will make a slow but significant rise in sales, against the "designer," especially with the backlash against goods made in China? What about the "sustainable goods" movement?
I've recently opened a small shop with 8 other women that sells yarn and handwoven and -knitted garments, as well as jewelry, and the garments are the biggest sellers so far. People love them.

I think so. I'm now in New Mexico where fashion isn't a big deal AT ALL - a big change from living in major metro areas.

I like to go window shopping just for the eye candy quality, "enticing and artsy"
but not really set foot in the stores.

I find it particularly ironic that K-Mart was the previous sole purveyor of Martha Stewart. What does Macy's have to say about that, I wonder. It's not such a glamorous comparison in my mind.

Frankly I don't like Target as much as I used to now that they are all slick and designer-y. I liked them better when they were a step above K-Mart.

The same with Pier 1. I liked them better when they were cheap/import/eclectic. Apparently I'm not the only one -- their sales are way down.

NYC windows are not about consumerism.In Fact, when living there you often are told by friends that they came in to NYC to "shop" in places you had never been to. If you move to NYC, you don't take a car, it cost as much as a mortgage to park it. Unless, its raining, you walk. As you walk on concrete streets, your only views are the windows. Those highly stylized, story telling windows. Most people in most towns step out their door into their cars and notice nothing as they drive by. A few people walk and see bushes, trees, flowers. In NYC, its windows. They change like the seasons and make those 20 block walks much more fun. They just changed for Fall. In another 10 weeks the ultimate- the holiday windows!

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