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September 19, 2007


Think about your stories like this... the ones you work really hard on and (you may think) no one cares are like the days when you dress to the nines. Of course you look great, but that's what people expect. And the others that are off-the-cuff are those days you just throw an outfit together and gets lots of unexpected compliments. Serendipity!
As for me, I'm interested in anything I can learn something new about.

I totally agree with Allison. You are so diverse and eclectic in your thoughts and interests... motherpie has become you; taken on an energy of its own. I think people love human interest stories...when you reveal yourself; give them a look inside your life. I don't have time to keep up with politics, so some of that flies right over me. But, how can one escape what the paparazzi bring us about the stars and their tragic little lives. So, when you bring up what is the deficit that ties Paris Hilton, Britney, and Lindsey Lohan together...I am interested because my son is that age. I am very interested in what is pertinent to my life. Empty nest, working women, baby boomers retiring, staying healthy, college kids. I love interesting conversation about what people are thinking. I like it when you invite questions...implied or straight out (the draw of the "?" ). I like it when you ask us to reflect on things that define us. Why don't we do that anyway?...for me...I don't have time! I am the sandwich generation...caring for a mother in law who lives with us and still helping my son who is in college. Family never goes away. I mean that in the nicest, most appreciative way, too. For you, I think you have to decide what you want your blog to be...about you or bringing issues or both. Some blogs I read are strictly a diary. I enjoy that. Some are strictly informational...that has its place too. Motherpie is having growing pains and can't decide what it wants to be when it grows up! Sounds like my son! I am rambling...but I want to say, if you want to talk about politics or are at risk of alienating people. But, someone has to take a stand...freedom of speech is what America was founded on. So, all in a little of this and a little of that...make it smart, like you. You can't please everyone. Just report on what you enjoy writing is your birthed motherpie. Do you care how many people come or should it be just for your enjoyment? The beauty of blogs...when are you going to help me start mine?

I don't even know how I would go about finding what Google likes me for. Is there a trick to it? I can't figure out what anyone likes me for!

And pardon my ignorance, but what does this mean: (her drives in with all of her links are amazing) It sounds like something good.

I like reading about how people live their lives, how they act and react, why they think as they do. I don't care much whether I agree with anything they say or do or expect; we all learn more by being open minded and 'listening' to other points of view.

Miss C, you write such well researched (fun and funny) links on topics and I know your traffic is really high. I'm curious to see what search engine key words people use to come to you for certain posts that rank high.

By far, my most famous post so far is the one where I listed all the songs from the movie Little Manhattan. (see I wound up deleting a bunch of comments from it because people were posting places where people could illegally download music.
Another popular post is the recent one I did about a new shopping development in our town. (see I wound up having a good online discussion with the project developer, who answered some key questions about the project.
What these both have in common is that they provided information that wasn't provided anywhere else on the internet. It's hard to do that every day, but it's rewarding when I feel like I've helped enlighten people.
Thanks for the prompt, MotherPie!!

I'm happy to be in such fine company, but as to how to find out what the top Google searches were I have no idea. I know a lot of people find Maya Angelou's life lessons on my blog, but they seem to like the images best - the pregnant Demi Moore, an exhausted polar bear and digging out from snow in Boston.

Speaking of the Marlboro Man, do you read The Pioneer Woman?

Apart from some great recipes when she cooks, photos of her kids riding horses, tractors and an occasional steer, she's now in the middle of her tail of how an L.A. woman met and married a cattle rancher she calls the Marlboro Man

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