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October 05, 2007


Unfortunately, I am not sure it has much to do with education. I mean, education is capital, but still, haven't you seen two people born into the same family, by the same parents and with the same moral values, go in totally different directions?
I think education is capital, but there are probably so many other factors.
And what society, the press, the news show us is far from teaching our children the right things. :(

Ahhh, more stuff to keep me up worrying at night. Actually, we use this stuff at the dinner table. We talk about what they're doing, what could have been a better choice, how this choice will affect them in the future. Better this way, than stuffing all the bad stuff in the closet, and learning later that the model citizens weren't model citizens.

SusieJ is doing exactly what I did, and still do with my children, even though they are all almost grown. I try to seize every "teachable moment" to convey our family values, morals and spiritual beliefs. Especially when my daughter would come home and tell me about another girl in h.s. who was pregnant! But I would try to appeal to her intelligence and common sense about how her life plans would be completely changed, etc. Thinking about all the choices we do have, every day, and the prices we would or will still have to pay can be overwhelming or it can be encouraging. Every day is a tabula rasa, if we choose to see it that way.

And if my kids are going to make mistakes they can learn from, I want them to be caught as soon as possible. Better to learn the lessons early, when it's easier to recover.

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