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October 09, 2007


I love this stuff. In fact, I love all images of death. What's with that? I think it's a healthy way of not being afraid of death maybe. Or perhaps I'm just kidding myself.

I agree - we don't honor our dead and we don't talk about death. Thus the appalling number of people stuck on life support when they wouldn't want to be, and the number of families who lose family inheritances to the government because no one made a will, or children who get stuck with the wrong relatives or in orphanges because their parents failed to designate guardians. My children are 3 1/2 and 2, and I plan to introduce them to the Day of the Dead features in a couple of years along with the more traditional Halloween things. They both enjoyed cleaning out the pumpkin last year. (Daddy carved.) We have a number of very old pets, so I expect we'll have to explain death to them sooner than later and I hope I can do it in such a way that they aren't afraid of it but can accept it as something that happens to everyone eventually.

I find more acceptance of death combined with greater respect for the old here in Hawaii than I do on the Mainland. It's the because Hawaiian, Asian, and Latin cultural influences are strong here.

I have lots of Day of the Dead stuff myself since my birthday is Nov 2 and I studied in Mexico. I like it well enough.

I LOVE Dias de los Muertos! I was introduced to it through my kids as they learned about it in elementary school. It makes so much sense and is such a colorful celebration. I love the art involved as it is edgy but still fun and lively.

Kudos for blogging about it!

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