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October 10, 2007


Does anyone seriously think that the erosion of the news media is to be blamed on women and minorities? That is "almost" laughable. The only thing I can agree with is that the news media has definitely eroded and is not trustworthy.

After the Dan Rather incident, I have completely lost in any of the big 3 news outlets specifically and I'm highly suspicious CNN. Additionally, the few times I've been interviewed for a news story it was so clipped and twisted when it went to print that it hardly revealed the true spirit of the conversation. Perhaps I am jaded.

I think any online news media source is pretty much all about clicks. They're more likely to print the sensationalism just just to watch the stats go up. Bloggers may do this to an extent, but they'll generally only print the sensationalism that personally interests them. Then, too, there's the option of earning the readers' trust through actual communication back and forth when you're a blogger. You "make friends" with fellow bloggers, and build relationships - although it takes a while to realize that the blogger is NOT the person, but a sometimes exaggerated, sometimes slightly and/or completely fictional version of the offline human being.

That said - yup. I'll trust a blog over a news source any day.

That was supposed to say I have completely lost "confidence". Kind of an important word to leave out.

Well, I used to watch CNN...was told it was too to the left. Heard that conservatives watch FOX news. Then I started to think...gee, I don't think I am a conservative anymore. I really don't know what I "am" anymore. I believe Charlie Gipson on ABC nightly news. Always, loved him and his integrity. I believe Oprah when she tells the things she knows for sure. That is, I believe she knows for sure those things FOR HER. I respect her putting her money where her mouth is. Belief in blogs is biased...has to be subjective to the author, no? Nothing is black and white. The truth is up for interpretation. Right and wrong are relative. Is that the coward's way out? I don't know. I know young men and women are being killed in Iraq every day. Can't make that go is what it is. No gray area there. The environment is a big issue with me, because I live in New Mexico and it part of why I live here. Global warming...??? Do you believe Time magazine? Al Gore? I don't have time to sort it out. I am busy taking care of people at the ER. So here we are...back to the discussion of choosing to believe in a candidate, based on emotion instead of intellect. I read the headlines on I read the paper, if I have an extra 15 mins. I listen to cnn headline news while I am getting dressed for work. I read motherpie everyday. I watch ABC nightly news with Charlie Gipson when I am home at that hour. I read O Mag, by Oprah. And I take it all in knowing the system is is run by humans!

I subscribe to thinking rather than believing.

I have to question everything. It's annoying.

I've actually met Shirley Franklin!

Miss Havisham, I'm not a MySpace user and your site is very odd but thank you for coming to visit.

What can anyone believe? It's all sound bites and play-acting. I thank you, MP, for pointing readers in so many directions. Perhaps we all need to sit down and READ for an hour or so a day several newspapers (or whatever you want to call them, now that you can access them on the Internet), and forget TV altogether. Then perhaps we can start to figure out what is being deliberately covered by the media, and what is being swept under the carpet.

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