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October 01, 2007


This morning on on their opening page, there is an article that lists predisposing or causitive factors or risks for breast cancer from a new study. These are all coming out from this new breast cancer meeting in Spain, I think. Lots of interesting carcinogens to consider. I find most important...if you are hormone replacement because you don't like the side effects of menopause...gut it out and get off of them. Interesting piece I saw on the news recently about a young girl that every female in her family had breast cancer...mother, grandmother, sister, cousins, aunts. So she had bilateral prophylactic mastectomies...where they scoop out the breast tissue and put in implants. Then there is the whole implant issue, I guess. So... It is breast cancer awareness month...most important breast self exam. Just do it ! I worked 21 years in a cancer treatment center and 7 years for a breast cancer specialist. I know, oh too well, about this subject.

Thanks for the info. Of course I can't imagine regularly having three drinks a day. Wow!

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