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October 30, 2007


I hate the time changes. I don't see that it saves any energy. The lights you don't turn on in the evening have to be turned on in the morning. And you're right about the circadian rhythms. It takes me weeks to adjust. Of course, my sleep difficulties arise from my 2-year-old who doesn't sleep through the night yet, but that's a whole other story!!! Our clocks all say different times too. Upstairs and downstairs are approximately 10 minutes apart.

However, until we all agree that there is some new universally accepted measurement, it would be helpful to use the same time that your surrounding culture uses. ie. the musical starts at 3pm, or church starts at 11am and so on. I know its hard, but the alternative is that everyone comes up with their own measurement and I believe that would be worse on those of you with time sensitive inner beings.

I think we need a starting time for things, but if one person in the house thinks you need to be somewhere 30-45 minutes early to be "on time", and the other isn't wound up tighter than an 8 day clock - that doesn't make one right and the other wrong! Guess which clock I look at! :)

I dislike DST intensely, and never feel quite "right" until it is over and done with.

One's sense of time changes after life altering events have occurred, I have found.

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