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November 30, 2007


I used to think that only highly creative people were right brained, thereby excluding me, but once I started giving a right/left brain assessment to my students and took it myself, I was surprised to discover that I am right brained. In fact that list describes me pretty well.

Left brain for me, but i closed my eyes and I saw it the other direction equally as easy. However, I had to try on that one.

I've seen this quite a few times, and the direction she starts is pretty much random for me. I can make her direction change pretty easy, too. I'm just mixed up.

right brain here.
that is a cool test!

That's the coolest test! Not surprisingly, I'm right brain, all emotional and stuff. :) Plus, I hate going with the crowd. So, it's fun to be right brained together!

She starts out right brain for me, then changes to left brain, with subsequent changes back and forth at intervals. Fascinating area to explore.

Totally right brained. I can't make her turn the other way at all. I wonder how they get this effect.

My husband scientist told me to look at the shadow, and when I did she turned around and went counterclockwise!

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