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November 10, 2007


I still write letters. My grandparents don't have a computer, nor does a professor friend in California. A few other people with whom I correspond at Christmas get handwritten stuff as well as the standard Christmas letter. I agree, it is a dying art. My sister-in-law is teaching her children to send hadnwritten thank you notes for presents, but most of our nieces and nephews wouldn't know what those are.

Letter writing is surely a lost art. The one (and maybe only) advantage of living so far away from the ones I love the most is that I have ample opportuntiy to practice the art, and often do.

Lovely post.

Don't we all long for people who want a glimpse into the process of our living, the pattern of our thoughts?

You're right -- handwritten letters can provide that glimpse, text messages can, even blogs, eh?

I come across letters sometimes when I'm reorganizing and am amazed that not only did I write letters back and forth with friends, but that it wouldn't occur to me to write a letter now. It's sad, but it would feel weird to write a letter. It feels so much more formal than email.

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