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November 11, 2007


Our posture stinks. I went to a physical therapist who showed me how I should be standing. She pushed my shoulders back to the wall. It was completely different from how I usually stand!

I heard my mother telling me to stand up straight until I was in my 20's! She thought it was unattractive for tall women to slump. I have a friend who slumps terrible and it's so unbecoming. I have tried to convey the same message to my children. Yoga is great, I also like Pilates. If I keep my "core" strong, I am more mindful of my posture.

Great post!
Good reminder!
I once heard a Doctor say that his wife loved him enough to not let him slouch. He went on to say it affects our health.
I believe it.

Posture, cholesterol, I have a lot to work on in the health department!

I am told that yoga is good for everything. Must be true.

I have always had dreadful posture, primarily from achieving the height of 5'6" by age 11, when everyone else was still 4 1/2 feet tall. I also had glasses and was dreadfully uncoordinated, so I slouched in an effort to disappear. I don't have the computer slouching problem, because we can't have a chair at our computer. The only way to keep the kids off of it is to have it on a high table and stand up to type. So at least when I'm blogging I stand up straight!

I love swimming and water aerobics, which keep my back and ab muscles strong and my posture straight. I want a relaxed posture, not a ramrod straight posture.
My daughters both have excellent postures due to yoga.

I do yoga every day. I just posted about it today, after WSJ slammed it for not being cardio -- Hah!! How can you run if your joints are stiff?

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