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November 06, 2007


I still love Seuss! I'll bet I could still recite 'The Cat in the Hat' from memory...

My mother, on the other hand, HATED Seuss - she said it was the worst nonsense she'd ever read, and she taught kids to read for nearly 50 years. They would ASK for Dr. Seuss, and she (Gasp!) would REFUSE. How can anyone hate Dr. Seuss?!

My grandmother bought me Fox in Sox when it first came out (I was 2 or 3), and I made her read that repeatedly. Which she did uncomplainingly because that's the kind of grandmother she was. Things do come around though because when my cousin was born, he loved, loved, loved Fox in Sox, so I got to read it to him repeatedly (I was 26). And I loved every minute of it. I read voraciously now, and I firmly believe it's because my grandparents and my mother read to us. We read to each other. My husband comes from the same kind of family, so we both enjoy reading to our kids (and yes, Fox in Sox is a favorite), particularly since we waited until our 40s to have kids. And now they like to "read" to each other, which since they are 2 and almost 4, consists mainly of reciting to each other. But I think it counts.

I loved Dr. Seuss growing up and with my children. Green Eggs and Ham was a favorite at our house.

Both my children also read Hank the Cowdog but my son truly loved them. He made a list of the ones he had at Christmas and birthday time so family would know which ones he didn't have and would like. He also subscribed to John Erickson's newsletter and even corresponded with him. One time, our son sent him the first chapter of a possible new story that he had written, hoping Mr. Erickson would use it.

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