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November 25, 2007


Not to sound cliche, but it truly is the difficult experiences that make me grow. While I certainly don't enjoy going through painful times, I can look back and see how I came through them, and hopefully grew spiritually and as a person. Change seems to be more of an attitude, a decision. I can change my mind, my outlook and my behavior when I choose. After my dad passed away, it was a reality check for me to make some changes in my life, so I went back to school for a graduate degree. Completing this, I was able to change jobs, change locations, change my life. Death is a part of life. It's painful and hurts, but what would we be if we never changed or grew?

I've always tried to view change as an adventure -- some more desirable and enjoyable than others -- but all a learning experience.

How would that leaf look if it was on the same tree, every day, every year? Just there! You would see it, and all the other leaves on the same tree. Eventually, you would know that tree and the leaves pretty well, but not much more.

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