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November 07, 2007


I wore the rugby shirts (with jean skirts in high school as we were not allowed to wear pants, "that which pertaineth to a man," etc.) and took the two I owned to college with me in 1980, where they were already out of fashion. The era of Prep had begun. I did not have polos, or button downs, or Docksiders, nor the money to purchase such. And thus began my lifelong career of being utterly, completely, and cheerfully out of style. Although I did do a bit of the flashdance/punk thing in the early 80s.

Surely you remember (from your many trips to the ranch) seeing my dad in the fugly light blue and/or seersucker jumpsuits? I had a real flashback when i saw the pictures! Both girls laughed out loud!

Yes, my uncle wore those fugly orange jumpsuits, but he's like 89 and on old guys, they're kind of cute.

I hope the luxury market is on the wane. Excessive materialism is sickening.

That post is totally viral! I just read it...even before I got to your blog! It's so comforting to know the dorky clothes I wore then were actually hip. I forwarded it to my sister-in-law who works for Penney's.

Uh, no. In 1977 I was IN college, and there was no way I'd shop at JC Penny. It was Whole Earth or the head shops or Salvation Army or else I made my own clothes.

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