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November 27, 2007


In west Tennessee is a place called New Madrid, pronounced "bad rid" as well. Here in eastern Kentucky we have a number of odd, and some extraordinarily unfortunate, names for roads. The story goes that when 911 came through, the beings in charge went up and down all the roads and hollers, asking various residents, "What's the name of this road." And they faithfully wrote down the responses. "Well, that's Ma and Pa's road." Meaning, that's the road their folks lived on, when it was probably Elm or Poplar or something, but it was written down, and now sports a green sign saying, "Ma and Pa's Road." One or two enterprising people attempted to name roads after themselves, but other people living on the roads got wind of it and called up those in charge and said, "It most certainly is not Baker Lane, it's Upper Lick Branch, and those people are gettin' above their raisin'."
Unfortunately one county over there are two roads named, "Upper N****r Creek," and the Lower Creek. Why has no one changed it? Because even more unfortunately a majority of people in that county see nothing wrong with it.
Old Goat Road sounds quite charming by comparison.

I read an article a year ago on unusual names for streets and wrote a few down on my planner. It's still there! 5). LOIS LANE 4). TATER PEELER RD. 3). Intersection of CLINTON and FIDELITY in Houston Tx. 2). DIVORCE COURT in Pennsylvania 1). PSYCHO PATH, in Traverse City ,Michigan. That was from an article, I also recall a street in East Texas called TURN LEFT RD. However, OLD GOAT ROAD is right up there.

I'd be OK with it as long as no one thought I was the one it was named after!

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