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November 09, 2007


But do you think there will be an overall backlash against items made/produced in China? Almost everything is, now, it seems. Many of these so-called luxury items are indeed made there. I know that I am much more conscious about checking the label, much as I became used to looking at the ingredients label on food.

i avoid logos like the plague.

Back in the pre-Polo days, the Alligator shirts were big. Scott's mother got him one, and he proceded to cut the alligator off. A glimpse into the future indeed.

Just remember this. Ralph Lauren's real name is Ralph Lipschitz. Can you ever look at him again the same way after knowing that he's so NOT a goyish guy from the horse farms, but a Jewish kid from Brooklyn?

"I personally am against logos writ large. Buying the brand will not buy you cachet, I say."

From what I understand, graphic designers are always fighting with their clients over the size of logos. I thought you might appreciate this:

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