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November 20, 2007


ok, I was complicated and complex, where people would miss me if I was gone! Your DNA piece the other day showed me as "simple" and adaptable. Maybe just the "best" or "worst" of both.

I am the stuffing, too. I know the males in my house would miss me, who would do all the cleanup - the way I want it done? :)

It's not always easy letting go of the past, but moving forward brings promises of better yet to come, I believe. Enjoy the parade, I hope the weather cooperates. May the MP family have a joyous Thanksgiving.

I'm the mashed potatoes...

Sounds like you'll have a wonderful time!

Interesting -- I answered the food quiz from the point of view of Thanksgiving when my husband was still living, family was around. The results said I was the stuffing. Then, I answered it based on now when I'm alone, and it says, "I'm the glue that keeps everyone together." I thought I was that before. ;-)

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