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December 07, 2007


I wish you did fly over. I know a few good cheese shops that I could show you. ;)
As for broadband, there are still areas where there's no broadband at all!

Yes, they really do. When I was there, I remember noticing how "respected" and beautiful the older women were. The women really took care of themselves -- and society seemed to revere them.
And ohhh, the cheese. Out of this world. I wish we had a more relaxed attitude about work, etc.

Wouldn't you think our policy movers and shakers would be more cognizant of what they need to help our country remain a leader in technology? Just seems for too many years the decisions being made undermine the greatness of this country. I think the French have the right idea about many aspects of living life that I wish were present here.

A culture minister sounds like a good idea. Although we'd probably just get it wrong like we do so many other things! My ancestors are French. I could definitely get into the winter hibernation thing too.

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