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December 01, 2007


Claude has the answer using html. But I hope the blogging world will unite against this bullying from Blogger/Google.

I came up with a work around to this. If you go to my blog, click to comment, in the comment box is the instructions to link back.
Come by and visit and see if it works.
It does take some effort but until boogler/glogger gets it fixed it will work.

My blog friend Janeywan, who is pretty pro at coding and working her blog in the Blogger format, has just done a post here with her recoding of Blogger's comment structure to show how non-bloggers can leave a link-back. It is pretty cool. I'm hoping she'll do a tell-all so other Bloggers can copy what she has done.

Well first it's all very simple to work around this for now. Bloggers if you'd like to do what I did and it seems to be working, go to your dashboard, then settings, then comments. In comments you can set different options on this page find area where you can insert text, put what I've used or be creative. Important coding must be the same, what you say otherwise can vary.

If you don't have a goggle/blogger account and want a link back to your site, at the bottom of your comment

Insert this code:
<*a href="">Type your text or blog name here<*/a> and remove the * in this code.

(Then type in your comment out side of the astericks) any one including me can easily click on the link to get to your site.

A little extra trouble but I always follow you if you leave a comment. If you have a blogger account or google account no need to do all this. :)

You can write what ever you'd like in this area, some folks put their favorite quote etc., till blogger gets it together I'll keep this visible.

On a positive note about blogger I do like the comment feature and being able to follow comments. I also like the nickname feature so I can comment using janeywan, whom someone like MP would know but the rest of the world can't link back to me. Blogger is more together than we might think, someone just made a big boo boo, is my guess and is now in the unemployment line. Boy, I'm dating myself.

Life In Westcliffe

Blogger is getting closer to a fix on this with openId which I just now noticed someone else commented about. Someone with a blogger account must change settings to allow it to work however.

I allow comments from anyone, however I do change it on a occasion if I start getting spam comments. I then wait awhile then open it back up. Has worked pretty well.

Some blogger gals like styleygeek
already have OpenID on their blogger comments. Go ahead and take a peek at one of her comment pages. It looks pretty slick. However, OpenID only works if you have an account with technorati or it's ilk and then you must write and insert html to make it work. I am far too lazy for that. I just switched to HaloScan. The switch took only two minutes without having to write any code. I did have to make a couple of tweaks later, but they were mostly cosmetic nothing major. I have two posts on the subject here:
and here:
Sorrry to be so long-winded. Hope this helps.

I had no idea, until you posted on my blog. Thanks for the heads up - I hope they fix it soon!

It's fixed. Come visit.

When you click on the 'nickname' a place opens up for you to type in your url.
They just are making it look more difficult than it really is.

Lemon, you are right. Blogger just changed the comment structure this past week to allow for non-Google/Bloggers to add a comment with the URL attached.

Thanks everyone for shaking the trees on this one. Blogger made a huge mistake. They did it with Reader, too, this past week and caught a bunch of flak. It is obvious that Google is launching before carefully testing or working through ideas with their contingencies. Google is getting a bunch of bad pr with this.

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