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December 28, 2007


I can't say I noticed "trends", per se, this year, except in our little 2-person household. My kid and I both boycotted Christmas stress. No tree, no mistletoe, no tinsel, no stockings, no hassle, no mess, and no regrets.


Instead we enjoyed everyone else's lights and music and shiny things and she spent hours on Christmas Day adding and subtracting the totals of her gift-card presents (yup - definitely a trend there!) and planning mall shopping sprees.

Me, I drank rum and smiled. A lot.

Happy Almost New Year, Mother Pie! I hope 2008 is a wonderful, powerful year for you.

I'm not sure when we started this, but(I'm a bit embarrassed to say) we have stockings for our dogs. Of course the children have the largest ones, but the furry four-legged babies get treats, too. I bet we're not the only ones who do this, though. I know pet spending is a HUGE trend. However we haven't dyed our animals yet.

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