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December 26, 2007


As always, food gets us together. Always has. Food was a big deal on both sides of the family. Both grandmothers used to play the piano and we'd skip around. It was always about getting together with the family. And still continues to be that way. For every holiday it was special...but Christmas was most special. I remember our grandmother had the lights on her tree that were plugged in and were shaped like candles and they had oil that bubbled when they got hot. I wish I could find those again. I still have my "Baby's First Christmas"ornament...and my baby is 22! And one ornament that comemorates my daughter's first Christmas with with us in 1977...she was adopted at age 4. So many memories...a lifetime of memories. The gingerbread cookies you baked and sent home with golden retriever, Rowdy, ate some of them! He said they were great!

My goodness; we always got together with either my father's family or my mother's, so we got to see cousins several times a year growing up. I think the cousin connection is so important; I know mine are very special.

Carron, those lights sound like bubble lights, and they can be found again. We have some on our tree and I believe we got them at Lowe's but there are also places online to order from. I remembered them from years past and wanted to have them again.

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